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COVID-19 security measures

The situation that happened to all of us in the spring of 2020 has permanently changed many habits and patterns of action. The industry turystyczna,   was also affected by serious changes, presenting us with many new challenges. We constantly monitor the announcements of the Ministry of Health and the Chief Sanitary Inspector. The recommendations of these institutions are our starting point for the actions we take to ensure the safety of our guests and colleagues. However, the procedures  introduced in GKM Apartments in connection with COVID-19  significantly exceed the requirements of the industry.

The rules we introduced include:

* withdrawal from the offer of our smallest apartments, which share powierzchnie. All our apartments are independent flats, which means that our guests do not meet other groups of tourists;

* application  for cleaning all surfaces of washable disinfectants with a high alcohol content;

* use of steam devices for disinfecting and cleaning bathrooms;

* independent air conditioning systems in each apartment;

* a professional medical UV lamp, which we disinfect each apartment before the arrival of new guests;

* personal contact with employees has been limited to a minimum;

* cleaning during the stay of guests only on ich  request;

* the system of access codes to the apartments eliminates the need to collect / return the keys;

* extended period of unavailability of the apartments during the exchange of guests in the facility;

* disinfection gel available in each of the apartments;

* a set of protective masks and a portable disinfecting gel for all guests.

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